Completely Random: Favorite phrases

The following are a couple of phrases that I not only use but laugh at heartily when I hear other people say.

1. Its the end of days (probably my all time fav)

2. That's all you!

3. Showing your azz

4.Put sumthin with sumthin to get sumthin (my hubby's saying)

5. B.F.E

6. You crazy as all get out

7. Two tears in a bucket

8. Lawd have mercy.

9. Quit acking brand new

Please feel free to attach your own.


Reader Comments

Oh I'd love too...

1. You ain't right

2. Strike 1

3. Fall back

4. Not too much!!

5. Must is cuz must ain't don't sound right.

6. Keep it moving...

okay I think those are my favorites Jazzy are you going to do the tag post? You're not huh?

Go B.

Uh dear I guess I will I may not be able to come up with 7 things and I am not going to tag anyone else. Let me marinate on it and I will have something up in a bit.

Good list btw, I forgot about fall back, classic for when in the club (which I no longer partake on a regular)

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