Tavis Smiley: Financial Empowerment Part II

During the Nationwide Tour with Tavis Smiley I was granted personal time with Tavis Smiley and Jasmine Green of Nationwide.

Tavis’s response to new media at times was flattering and on the other end pointed out the problems with the blogosphere.

New media is phenomenal and I am using it myself I like it because it is a way to get information out instantly, it is a way to talk to a burgeoning group of people who are getting connected. The Obama campaign used the internet remarkably well; in ways I could never imagine ….

I like the new media I like the blogosphere but what I don’t like is there is no fact checking. Everyone has an opinion and because you have a blog you can put your opinion out there. What happens in the world we live in too much of what is opinion ends up taken as fact and that is not the best thing.

We also have to make sure that we are earnest and responsible.

Tavis's response to how to obtain traditional wealth was good common practical sense that too few follow:

Young people have to develop a money philosophy at a young age that is lasting. You cannot spend money you don’t have, stop buying stuff you don’t need to impress folk you don’t like.

Jasmine Green the Vice President Chief Customer Advocate at Nationwide

Jasmine Green response to the hardest aspect of getting minorities to seek financial stability was tempered by the overwhelming financial crunch people are facing. She stated:

Their own personal financial issues with people being out of work they have issues of not being able to afford home or car insurance. One thing I want to stress is it is crucial and vital to get insurance because the last thing you want to do is have a terrible event happen and you are not insured. We as a community may not have the annuities but we need to have the basic coverage. The basics will help us to avoid a crisis.

At the conclusion of the seminar Nationwide provided great breakout sessions to help people learn a starting point comfortable for their current fininical circumstances. The entire event was free in Dallas, Texas provided by Nationwide. Special thanks to Bob Cunningham Public Relations Manager with Nation wide and to Shawn Williams of Dallas South for the name drop.


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