The changing image of Black Women

I received this article by Erin Aubry Kaplan from Shawn over at
Dallas South.

I read it and loved it. In quick summary the article is about Michelle’s Donk!
The article goes on to say that a bountiful posterior has been “both vilified and fetishized as the most singular of all black female features”. I always felt the election of Barack would pale in comparison to the elevation of his wife to First Lady. I love the fact that Michelle has a dark complexion that she has a figure that has long been considered less than aesthetically pleasing according to Hollywood or mainstream magazines.

It is my greatest hope that with Michelle as the First Lady that Black women will be able to take confidence and pride in knowing a woman that finally looks like one of us will set the stage for how the world views Black women.

Black women have had few constant role models in the media. Mental imagery is exceptionally compelling. When the constant image is objectification and overt sexuality it becomes harder for younger impressionable girls to delineated reality from make believe.

The constant image that young Black women are bombarded with are the Melissa Ford’s, Buffy the body, etc… For some that have no male figures in their life these women are seen as powerful in control of their sexuality (when they are not, regardless of what they say). Even Jet magazines still has their beauty of the week segment; seriously the only beauties they can find are wrapped in string bikinis. Can women not be beautiful unless they are half naked? I don’t understand why JET can not showcase a beautiful woman that is fully clothed with an actual job besides student or model as their description.


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This is me in the picture. We usually do not put our secular occupation as the job title if we are seeking to do modeling full time. Seeing the word "model" lets onlookers (some of who may be seeking professional models)know that we are available for other modeling opportunities. Of all the magazines out there I applaud JET for having tasteful photos of BLACK women when there aren't too many, if any, other magazines doing this. But so you will know I am a college graduate with a B.A. and two A.A's. I am also an account executive at Yahoo making 6 figures. And I am one of the Top Performers in the Company.

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