Tavis Smiley: Financial Empowerment Part I

Tavis Smiley came to Dallas this weekend for the conclusion of a five city tour speaking Financial Empowerment to minorities. This talk was fresh off the heels of Barack Obama’s historic run and subsequent win of the Presidency.
Tavis’s talk was speckled with humor and sobriety. Tavis spoke of his friendship with Obama and Obama’s almost pensive acceptance speech on November 4th. He mentioned that the true comparison should not be Obama and Kennedy but Obama and Reagan; because of the overwhelming financial crisis both President’s inherited.

Tavis espoused research that stated this generation of Black Americans would be the first generation that would not do as well as the preceding generation. A depressing, frightening and sober financial prediction for those individuals coming into their adulthood within the next couple of years.

How did this generation arrive in this situation? College students are inundated with credit cards before many of them have settled into their dorm rooms. Parents do not leave any substantial financial legacy for their children. Often children are placed in the difficult position of paying off debts that are not their own. There can be little wonder how this generation of young and often gifted Black Americans find themselves in such distressing financial straits.

At the conclusion of Tavis’s speech I found myself wondering and questioning will the black community respond past November 4th ,will we grab hold of our future , move out of our own way, secure our future through sound investments by leaving a financial legacy, or by refusing to let our skin color define what we cannot accomplish.


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It's not just black America. I had to talk my parents down from selling my great-grandmother's china last night. I offered to buy it from them, and I got the "well it's all going to be yours someday anyways" line.

Thanks Jazzy for your coverage of this event.

Phelps, there's something to your Dallas County Democrat Comment that you left on my site.

Phelps to an extent you are correct probably 80% of Americans need a how to save and have a secure future for dummies course. I am glad you did talk your parents out of selling your great-grandmothers china, something’s are just worth more than money.

@Shawn, anytime I will have the question and interview part up later.

where do you get all this good info Jazzy? Thanks for the info though. And btw did you read the Audacity of hope book? If so what do you think about it?

Go B.

Hey Ash Tavis came to Dallas the past weekend and I was able to have the "VIP Experience".

As to your question no not yet it is on the coffee table and I am sure I will get to it before the end of the year. Currently I am reading Naked edited by Ayana Byrd and Akiba Solomon it is a great read and exactly what I need at the moment. I think it is a book that you will really enjoy and I am not all that into self-help books but this one is very different. As to the Audacity of Hope when I start on it I will let you know what I think.

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