YEAH ME! Baby locs

I have started the loc process and I am very excited. Almost more excited than when I made the decision to go natural 2 years ago. During that time I learned a lot about myself and I am looking forward to learning what I can from my lock journey. Right now my head is starting to look a mess in about another week in a half I have no doubt that it will be a hot mess. However, I am ready to embrace these hurdles and preserve. My locktician (Regina) says with the majority of my hair texture that it should not take long for my hair to lock, but she also warned that I am going to have a lot of fuzziness because my hair is also so soft. So anyway here are two pics one from the first week and one now, I plan on visiting Regina for a re-twist the last week in November.

I know everybody’s locs are different and are a direct representation of who they are and I can not wait to see what story my locs will say about me. I would also like to say that my husband is COMPLETELY supportive of this process. We have watched countless YouTube videos; he has even browsed through some of the books that I bought. And I am sooooo happy that I have his support. Because I have no doubt that I am going to need it in the next 2-4 months.

Ya’ll wish me well on my journey.

Oh and I have slightly over a hundred baby locs on my head, I think when I go back I will have her combine 4 of them.


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I didn't even knw you were trying to lock your hair.Good luck on your journey!!!!
Go B

Hey Ash, I have been weighing the decision for awhile now. I decided it was time after much research and I can not wait until I get further along in the process.

looks good

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