Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself in the Leg!?

Why are you going to a club where you feel the need to carry a gun? Stay your azz at home and bring the party to you. It ain't that serious that I would have to put my life and future in jeopardy for a night on the town.

What an idiot


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In all fairness, the types of people you are going to see at a club that you need to be armed at aren't the type that you want to bring back to your home.

You bring them back to someone else's home. Preferably someone you don't know.

True Phelps but that was not want I meant. What I was trying to say is if you want to party then invite people to your place. People that you know are not going to require you to get live with it. You should not even place your self in a situation where you know there could be a possibility of drama. Especially, if you are a wealthy athlete and your body is your PAYCHECK!

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