Completely Random: Married Life Pet Peeves

6. When brushing your teeth must you spray the mirror with spittle flakes, I know its on your side but I still have to look at it.

5. Not providing full information: Case in point my husband told me almost two weeks ago that his family was having a Halloween party. He did not specify that it was a custom party until LAST NIGHT! I’m still mad about this.

4. I love you Sweeting but stop talking to me when I’m reading.

3. Aaagggghhhhh! Filling both sides of the sinks with dirty dishes to the point where I am unable to wash my hands.

2. Not replacing the toilet roll when it is empty.

1. Most important of all STOP EATING the last of my Walker shortbread COOKIES. You don’t see me eating your Oreo’s or Chocolate chip cookies.

I feel a lot better. Woo saaa, Woo saaa I know Mr. Man doesn’t even bother to read my blog anymore (tear tear) but boy do I feel so much betta. In all fairness I am sure Mr.Man has his own list of pet peeves but it's my blog, so I am entitled to a little bias.


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Well this is cute!

You mind if I post my Roommate Life Pet peeve????LOL.. she doesn't read your blog either. She's not into politics and all the good juicy govermental type stuff you post about...


I would but just incase...I won't but this is cute! Mr.Jazzy you better read this blog and like it!

Okay all better!

Go b.

LOL Ash, some weeks there are times that you just want to shake him. But all in all he probably has the shorter end of the stick.

6. I've got same habit

5. R U still on that?

4. Why can't sisters be glad a brother wants to talk to them at all.

3. No Comment

2. I'll give you that one

1. Brothers get hungry sometimes.

@Shawn *yawns* just kidding

Tip... hide those Walkers Shortbread Cookies in the laundry basket... keep buying them, though, please!

Steve Dawson (Walkers US)

hey first time here....hmmm, so you know huh...

yea, and it sucks too

LOL I can so relate. My husband never replaces the empty roll of toilet paper, that and the limited information offered. He is very bare bones and doesn't seem to care about details at all. My husband doesn't know how hard it is to multi task while reading LOL.

In terms of food. I definitely relate. My husband is under the impression food is here for the sole purpose of him. The killer is I buy things for myself because my husband claims he isn't a fan of the stuff and doesn't want to buy it when he goes grocery shopping with me. Fast forward a few days after the shopping trip to find said food gone. Eaten by a man who claims he didn't like the food he consumed. UUUGGGGHHH LOL

Hey Kristin.. This is too funny but soooo true! Keep doing your thang!

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