Tutankhamun at the DMA

Today Mr. Man turned 32 so we went to the museum to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. The DMA did a great job with the set up. They presented a timeline of artifacts right before the boy King ascended to the throne; Culminating in the discovery of his tomb and the subsequent searches for answers to his death. The lighting in some of the rooms I think was a little to dark even if spot lights were aimed at the artifacts for dramatic effect.

I felt the tiny figurines were by far more intriguing because of the level of detail the artisan was able to achieve with the rudimentary tools of the age. The wooden structures exhibited wonderful stability. The craftsmanship of all the artifacts on display truly illustrates the religion of the times: when inanimate objects were meant to follow the deceased into the next world.

We live in a time were planned and perceived obsolescence is built into the use of every product we purchase from expiration dates on food to the latest fashion trends. The artistry and fine detail placed into every piece is evident of a time long ago were beauty and utility functioned as one.


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My wife said that we will be going before the end of the year. It will just be the two of us because we took our son to an Egypt exhibit at the Field Museum and it didn't go well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hey Shawn quick warning it might be better to do the evening experience. We went during the day and there were a ton of kids everywhere.

Me and the hubby are planning to go soon. My husband is obsessed with Egypt, I plan to take my little brother and sister. I told them about it and my brother asked can mummies come to life. He watches way too many movies.

Well if the exuberance exhibited by all of the schools kids we saw there than your brother and sister are sure to enjoy.

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