To Loc or Not to Loc?

I have been wearing double strand twists for the last three weeks in preparation for what I would look like in locs. I don't have particularly thick hair so I don't think super tiny sisterlocks would be the best choice for me and I know I won't be able to attain the width of Lauyrn Hill’s loc’s. So, right now I love the freedom of having loose natural hair having the ability to switch my hair up from a fro to funky fro-hawks. I think I am suffering from loc envy. Either way it goes I am sure I am going to lock my hair but, should I do it now or wait a while. Below are some loc styles that I am interested in trying, if anyone has in ideas or tips or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave some information.


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It's totally up to you. Making that move to actual locs is a journey that changes your life. If you really wanna lock up then don't procrastinate. Do it and do it now! People appraoch you differently and react like never before. Some for the good...some for the bad.. It's usually a decision based on personal consciousness. Are you able to handle the criticism? If so, welcome aboard. I wouldn't want it any other way:)

Hey Sumptin' thanks for the words of encouragement. When I went natural the decision was not as difficult to make. I don't know why I am hesitating that is usually not like me at all. Aaaagghhh! I have a tentative appointment made for the 11th of Nov.

I LOVE LOCS. I am contemplating, but my momma and husband are cringing. They keep thinking about the skanky men who offer to sell you pot in Jamaica, the ones with the two big large locs on the back of their heads.

Of course it was a drama in my family when I went natural, my momma and daddy thought I went crazy when I told them I was no longer putting relaxer on my head.

LOL at the skany 2 loc concoction my husband was like whoa hold up, let me see some pics.

My family was more accepting of my decision to go natural. Most are natural anyway they just continue with the press n' comb routine.

I have been natural for a few years, full-on curly fro if you will. I am too uncommittal for locks but if you can swing them do you. I do prefer the look of bogger locks, my hair is too soft and fine to lock. I do love the look of them and twists. i just wish I could rock them.

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