Completely Random: Mascara

This starts a new series or post titled Completely Random. So I thought I would kick it off with one of my fav’s mascara. I love mascara! I at times will suffer from an almost Tammy Faye obsession regarding mascara.

I rarely come to work in full whore face (FWF) but there is the occasional day that a little extra pick me up is needed. Which comes readily in the form of a tube of mascara and black (yes I said black) eyeliner. My coworker and confident knows I’m super cheap about some things so she gave me a tube of Christina Dior mascara (I think it’s like 25 dollars a tube). I am often of the mind you can always find something just as good for cheaper but, the Dior mascara actually has a really good brush worth the 25 dollar price tag.

So whether, I opt for FWF or causal wear, mascara is a must foundation and the rest I can get away with out wearing. However, mascara is like Binaca, always in the purse. The manufactures should really make keychain attachable mini size mascara.


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This is one of those days when I just say, hmmmmm.

Ha Ha Shawn, I am sure your wife has something in her purse that she won't leave the house with out either.

I'll cop the eyeliner, but I know nothing about mascara.

I love mascara and eyeliner as well. I only wear full makeup at special times, but mascara and eyeliner is a must.

Nice blog :)

Phelps please tell me you are not one of those men that wear guyliner, ugggghh.

Beautifully, lol girl thanks for stopping by. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a really good post up that I would like for you to way in on.

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