What are your thoughts about the VP debate?

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Oh and I wanna give a shout out. LMAO! She actually gave a shout out on national TV.

LMAO @ her giving a shout out

*Singing*I'm so hoooood

She pissed me off because she never answered the darn questions and kept talking about what she did in Alaska and kept bringing EVERY topic back to energy, bashing Obama, riding J. McCain's d*ck by constantly referring to his biggety aloof pompous arse as a maverick, and trying to throw big names out there as though she has a close and personal relationship with these high ranking officials. She even referred to one of them by the wrong name, but Biden was informed not to correct her. She seriously irks the hell out of me.

Hi! I'm Queen. I saw you on A Go Bytch.



And I got these golds up in my mouth

If you get closer to my house

Then you Know what I'm talkin' bout

Whew, on a serious note Queen tell me how you really feel. Mrs. Palin stuck to 3 talking points for the entire 90min debate. She did well in the first 20minutes but when Gwen switched the topic to the economy and the bailout and mortages she reverted to talking about energy independce. I wish Gwen had called her on it.

Other than that she gets mad props for being able to stand in those heels for 90min. Thanks for stopping by.

Missed it all. Came home to completely dead cable (no tv, no Internet.). And TWC won't have a tech out until Monday.

Thankfully I have Rock Band 2.

@Phelps your girl did not do so bad. If you wanted to hear substance she did not give you that, but she was folksy and some people like that (see America has a problem post).

Anyways TWC SUCKS had to let them fools go, they are way to expensive for what we were getting switched to Dish.

I thought Biden did a great job but wish he could have laid into Palin like I know he wanted to. Palin did better than I thought she would. I thought she'd fumble over her words so badly that she'd run off the stage from embarrassment. But she still managed not to answer some questions, like she always does. Hearing her say "you betcha", "maverick", "hockey mom" multiple times was VERY irritating -- almost moreso than that smug grin and wink of hers. UGGHHH!!!

@Precious I could not agree more. I don't know if we as women are harder on one another or not (probably so), but I did not expect her to WOW me, but I sure as hell did not expect her to set us back by winking MULTIPLE times.

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