I Voted Today!

This is the third presidential election that I have been of age to vote. I cast my vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Yesterday I was feeling a bit down and perturbed by a comment and literally was so distracted that I almost drove my car through the garage into our second bathroom. Whew, talk about having to get your head straight.

So what do I do? I called my trusty full of wisdom Aunt Wesee (short for Louise), we had a good talk. She reminded me that there are going to be people today, tomorrow, and forever that will always negate your opinion because it does not align with theirs. She also clearly and succinctly reminded me that when you do agree with “them” they then automatically elevate you to “intellectual negro” status. Well, I think we have all seen how the“intellectual negro” is treated and what is thought of the“intellectual negro” when he no longer conforms to the ideals of the dominating culture.

All of the negativity aside today was a great day. I voted for a man I believe can lead this country into a new direction. A direction that will keep our country us as a dominant force. I believe Barack will refocus our energy and troops to where they are critically needed. With Michelle Obama as First Lady and Jill Biden I think public education will really see a change, new pilot programs will be tested for their viability and restructure of “No Child left behind” will actually begin to occur.

Obama and Biden represent a change. A change that frightens and threatens what the dominating culture perceives as their sole right. I enjoy and believe in the Democratic Party’s ideals. I feel very strongly that social programs are an aid and asset when monitored and policed properly. Barack Obama is a man apart neither Black nor White yet Black people like I identity strongly with him. His skin color is but icing that I plan to gleefully lick off of all ten of my fingers on Nov. 4.

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