Colin Powell for Obama

I knew Colin Powell was going to endorse Barack Obama especially after McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin. The President in this country and countries around the world are faced with the possibility that they may not be able to complete their term in office. Whether, that is from health concerns or to a real threat of assassination a Presidents full term in office is not guaranteed. Sarah Palin is not (and nowhere in the foreseeable future) ready to assume the Presidency. McCain, in what was his first decision as Presidential candidate did not place country first in his selection of Palin.

Colin Powell, in his endorsement of Obama said something that I have often said myself: why would it matter if Obama was Muslim? I have always like Colin Powell; his affiliation with the GOP did not alter my opinion of the man for one reason alone. That reason being that anyone could tell that Colin Powell was his own man and not a puppet like Michael Steele. Colin Powell opted to break with the Bush Administration because as a military man and a man of integrity, he was not willing to let his stature as a high ranking respectful figure become part of ruse that would place Americans at risk.

How many people do you think are going to say Powell’s decision was based on a shared skin color? It has already begun Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh are leading the charge let us see how many more names we add. Because as Black people we are unable to vote for Obama for any other reason than because we share a skin color.


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I'll say it was based on skin color. Endorsing is different than voting.

Black people are unable to vote for any other reason than the candidate is Democrat. You voted for Obama over Hillary because Hillary isn't black.

And if Obama wins, you'll spend three and three-quarters of his four years complaining about what a terrible president he is in private, and then vote for him again in four years.


I am deeply offended and I must say surprised by your comments. I knew the grapes were getting sour, but I didn't know they were shriveling up into raisins.

It's skin color you say? Put Michael Williams on a ticket and see how he does with the Black Vote. How well did George W. Bush do with the Black Vote in Texas? He got mine I'm ashamed to say.

Oh yeah, you negated your own point by saying its a Democrat thing. Well how do you explain Tom Lepert v. Don Hill? Tom Leppert -registered Republican- enjoys a very good standing in the Black Community. This is real stinky Phelps.

Dallas votes are treated like they are non-partisan.

And I reject your offense. I am completely unconcerned when people who are making decisions based on race take offense at this being pointed out.

Shawn, Let it go. People like Phleps like to believe that the Black community is stupid unless we side with them. Don't bother any longer I know I'm not. can't see past the tip of your own nose.

True, I have voted Democrat since my class had a mock election in Kindergarten. I was raised in a Democratic household...but also a democratic not being capitalized. As with all the things my family taught me as a child, I revisited my views as an adult. And here I am...still a Democrat.

I will cast my vote for Obama...and pray that God gives him the widsom and guidance needed during his tenure. If he makes a mistake...I will voice my opinion. We are in a I can do that. I know, Phelps, you are use to the past 7 1/2 years when we haven't been able to do so without being put on terrorist watch list...but it's still one of our rights. And when he hits one out of the park...I will stand and cheer. He is human...he will make mistakes. And he has a lot of menure to clean up since I know we can't look at him as the man to fix it all. He's a politician...not Jesus.

But it feels good to know that so many people are backing a man of honor, integrity, intelligence, and someone who truly cares about what happens to me and mine...AND WHO IS BLACK. And I'm not saying I think he cares because we are the same color. Obama is a man who cares about people of all colors.

Shawn Williams...I'm really surprised that you were surprised by Phelps' comments. Every comment he makes is of a closed mind.

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