ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

I generally think of Skinheads and Krazy Klan Kluckers to be ignorant and not so bright; the same goes for this case. However, I now understand why my grandmother refuses to vote for Obama. For her she saw strong civil rights leaders both black and white assassinated and the threat to Obama's life is the very thing that is going to keep her at home this year. No amount of things are different nowadays is going to convince her and more importantly stories like these continue to fuel her doubt in America's willingness to accept a Black man as its leader.


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Even if Obama lost, he is going to continue to be a black leader, and the threats will remain. If Obama is going to be assassinated, it is going to happen regardless of this election. Tell her to vote for him because, at the very least, she can be an example of one more person that is willing to accept a black leader in the face of all of those that won't.

Librocrat I have tried that approach she is not trying to hear it but, it doesn’t hurt to try again.

The plan was for them to dress up in white tuxedos and white top hats and drive at Obama shooting from a car.

I'm sorry, but that's more like a scene from a Harold and Kumar movie, not a serious assassination threat. These guys were drunk methhead idiots, not assassins.

(Remember, these guys want everyone to think that they are dangerous badasses. The best thing you can do is mock them. And there is plenty there to mock.)

Phelps, I doubt these two would have even been able to get within 500 yards of Obama. My concern comes from their plans to shoot up a predominately black school. This I have no doubt that they would have tried to accomplish.

Yes the tuxs and top hats are straight up asinine and exemplifies why their dumb azzes got caught.

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