An Economic Divide

A slow divide is occurring within the black community. A divide that is doing what slavery, years of Jim Crow and discrimination could never accomplish. A divide that is driven by economics and classism. Economics has become more powerful than Massa’s whip; economics has become more treacherous than for white only signs. Economics are creating a breach threatening the long built solidarity of the Black community.

More black people are moving to the suburbs, few are electing to live in economically challenged areas.The Black community has become assailed with a new generation of middle class, a class at times more concerned with keeping up with the Joneses than helping the Williams. We now have a middle class that consistently distances themselves from people not of their class or social standing.

How does a community survive without the aid of those that do well? Many economically challenged areas are so depleted because the dollar leaves the community quicker than it is brought in. In the time of Black Wall Streetthe dollar would circulate 36 to 100 times before it left the community.

Growing up in a relatively rudimentary town made me want to leave and never return. I wanted to break free and never have to look back. There is so much more to life than the small corner in which some find themselves confined to. We have to regain our trust in one another and get back to helping each other instead of abandoning one another for the quickest exit sign.

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