Supreme Court agrees with the New Haven 20

The Supreme Court has decided to reverse the decision made by the appeals court of whichSotomayor was apart. I have yet to read the entire ruling but I find myself wondering the ramifications the ruling will have on the New Haven community. It is to my understanding that New Haven is predominately a minority community and will now be served by few minorities in positions of authority. I know of many people who came from areas where authority figures did not look like them. I know first hand how feelings of mistrust will pervade the neighborhood and do very little to bridging a widening gulf.

After reading the original ruling I agreed with the ruling in which Judge Areterton arrived. I can say with all honesty I am happy the New Haven 20 will receive the promotions they deserve. I will also say I am very apprehensive about the future of affirmative action. It is my personal belief that though we have come along way affirmative action is very much needed to ensure a diverse environment,especially on college campuses. For many minorities affirmative action is our Legacy admission. It will be interseting to see how this affects Sotomayor's confirmation I am of the opinion that it will matter little. Judge Souter whom she would replace agreed with her ruling.

It is undeniable to me that Sotomayor is right in respects that the bench is were policy is made. The supreme court just elected a new policy that will have far reaching outcomes for the future. What those outcomes are remains to be seen.


Reader Comments

What is magic about a "diverse environment"? And if diversity is so important, why does it never apply to political thought?

Jazzy...I'm lost. I need to go to the link and catch up BRB!


Diversity don't put out my house fire. The worst part about this is that this lawsuit was based on the fact that New Haven tossed out the results of its promotion test because too few minorities scored high enough to qualify. As an ethnic minority myself, I am incensed that anybody would think that it's a good idea to put the low scoring minorities in charge of anyone simply on the basis of their skin color. It angers the whites who actually deserved the job plus the less-than-smart minorities reflect poorly on the rest of us.

LOL: “Diversity don't put out my house fire.”

I think it would have been interesting to see the white individuals bring a lawsuit against the city stating that the city intentionally discriminated against minorities.

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