UPDATE!!!! Ooops. I thought the Thug element was reserved for Black football players only.

Player Lambert was suspended indefinitely as she should be, that kind of behavior has no place in sports.

No mention of thuggery blasted across sportnews anywhere in regards to this soccer player's behavior. I have no doubt that if this was a player of color they would have been suspended indefinitely.


Reader Comments

Striking a player -- ejection

charge from behind -- at least a yellow care, probably an ejection from me

Anyone hits anyone else in a game I'm reffing, and I'm showing up to the disciplinary hearing (they are automatic when you get ejected) to argue for more than the automatic one game suspension. I would be shooting for the rest of the season.

Even in the rec league that I ref in during the summer you can still get suspended and barred from the league. I remember at the beginning of football season this year the punch between Oregon and Boise state resulted in a suspension for the entire season. I’m not opposed to looking the other way if an elbow is thrown or a little pushing and shoving but this chick went hard the ENTIRE game.

Interesting issue because I saw this video the other day and it didn't even occur to me to think about what the appropriate punishment should be. I think with me the bias is gender rather than color (that still don't make it a good thing, I'm just sayin') but now that you mention it yeah that is suspension worthy. There are some infractions that are at least understandable in the heat of the moment. This incident is not one of them, I think this is worse than Ron Artest going into the stands and fighting fans (in his case he was hit by a soda pop somebody threw). I wouldn't be so quick to call racial bias in this case as it might in fact be gender bias which can sometimes be just as strong. Hard to tell though because I'm not familiar with female soccer incidents.

@ Mexi I am sure gender bias played a role in this but I am not ruling out race. Why was Serena not afforded the same kind of gender bias? She did no less and NO worse than John McEnroe.

Little white college girls are all sugar and spice.
Serena is a mesomorphic Black girl from South Central.
One action is seen as anomalous while the other is seen as expected.
Both gender and racial stereotypes came into play.

This young lady should be kicked off the team and have her scholarship taken away. One step further, I think her coach should be fired, too. It seems obvious she is playing the role her coach expects her to play.

However, claiming this as a race issue is a stretch. Take the Serena Williams episode for example. Serena Williams is at the top of her game in a sport people actually watch... most people know who she is. Of course it is going to be big news when she blows a gasket like she did. College women's soccer? I'm surprised there were cameras there to actually catch this.

And McEnroe was big news every time he spouted off. What a punk he was.

I don't see the racial distinction.

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