Black Kids told to Pick Cotton

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Black students singled out to pick cotton by black historian.


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Well if that's the case then Chinese kids should go out and build railroads.

I loved how he said as a Black person this is our history as if that some how makes it OK.

If one black person commits a murder, all black people did not commit murder. If one black person discovers peanut butter, all black people did not discover peanut butter. Similarly, not all black people have picked cotton, either then or now. I understand the point the historian was trying to make, I just think it's a useless point because individuals are not the aggregate experience of everyone in the group.

Hell, it's white people's history too. My grandmother picked cotton. Most of the people picking cotton in the antebellum south were white. (Most of the people picking cotton on PLANTATIONS were black slaves. Most farms didn't have that kind of capital.) I'm actually offended that this ass acts like black people are the only ones to ever tear their hands up on cotton.

Maybe he should go all the way. Hand some whips to the white kids. Go all in. You want some recreations, recreate all that shit. At least show the white kids that being a slavemaster is soul crushing too. Both sides of slavery are worse off.

Oh for the record my mother picked (and pulled) cotton in South Texas.

I like Campbell have a problem with how slavery and the contributions of Blacks are taught (or not taught) within our school system. Slavery was an ugly period in American history but it happen and should be taught to the same degree in which I learned about Native Americans and Holocaust in school and sadly that is not the case. However, Campbell’s approach lacked foresight and proper implementation. These were 5th graders who probably even if they felt uncomfortable with being singled out were going to follow the authority figure without question. Campbell should have asked the kids to volunteer and I am sure all of the kids would have raised their hands to participate.

Campbell is a moron who should not be teaching children anything!! My God, what is WRONG with people? Cultural sensitivity does not exist in this country.

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