I'm so sick of this shit!

This is newsworthy.


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I'm done with Steve Harvey..he says "if you make 150K does he have to make 150k?" *Blank Stare*



Men always want WOMEN to settle YET they can look like buggawolf and want Halle Berry. Don't settle. A child of God doesn't have to!!

Settling. That's a constant issue in conversations with me and my married sisters. It's not like I've ever said no to a date unless the guy is married. THAT is something I'm absolutely not willing to 'settle' on.

I've also watched my sister's marriages to unsuitable men turn ugly and fall apart. Why even do that to myself?

For me it's never been an attraction thing, if his brain/personality isn't attractive to me his body and face are irrelevant. And vice versa.

Hey Ash, glad everything is Ok with you. You had me worried for a minute. But to your comment 150k is it really necessary that he makes a 150k as well? I make quite a bit more than my husband. Enough so much that if we split I'm not hurting in the least. It would only take me two years to get back to the comfort level I am now. But the important thing is my husband pays our mortgage I don't. He does it because he feels he should and that's his job to provide a home over my head. In return if he says we can't afford something I don't say yes we can I can just... Hell no those words never come out of my mouth because more than likely it’s something that I just want just because. So the point is I don't think a man has to make what you make to be a good man or a good provider. He DOES have to be responsible with what he has.

Taula, buggawolf nuff said. I see dudes like that ALL the time. You have to give them the side eye.

Vivian, I think people take settling and compromise and use the words interchangeably. People compromise everyday in their relationships with friends, family and like wise with their partners. Whenever people use the word settling I always think of the titanic settling on the ocean bottom. A huge part of the problem I think with relationships today is the shifting dynamic of head of household. Particularly in the minority community too many women are heads of their homes and the same is starting to shift within the white community. Traditional roles are blurred and I am not going to lie and say that I fully enjoy society today. The most happiness I receive is when I can beat my husband home cook a decent meal (when I’m not rushing throwing something together) have a couple loads of laundry done and the house picked up. Because no matter how fat my check is nothing replaces the look of gratitude on his face when he has a nice meal to come home to. Damn those bra burners (half-kidding).

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