Blackface, Really!

I have no idea what he is saying and it really does not matter, Black face was not necessary. This is something that often strikes me as funny and perplexing when it comes to other races and ethnicities and their mocking of black skin. Obama's complexion is probably very similar to the news anchors natural complexion yet he felt the need to dramatically darken his skin to represent Blackness. In the case ofSparkle Rai a few years ago an Indian man hired a man to kill his black daughter in law. The father in law and son were multiple shades darker than Sparkle. The fact that Sparkle was black any shade of black was enough to result in a contract for her murder. That is why I think colorism is so completely useless and divisive in ethnic communities because even if you are light bright next to white you are still black as a spade to some. Simply because we carry the label of black that automactically encites fear, loathing, and caution in some. .Why? And for those with the school of thought that racism is all but dead, don't believe the hype


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Turks are odd. I'm not sure if he even had a point, or if he is just being weird. The yootoob comments say that the same guy tried to get the Pope to convert to Islam when he came to Turkey, so he sounds like an attention-hog nut.

You're not going to see me trying to defend a culture that still treats women as second class citizens and ships people in from other countries as slave labor. (That is soooo 19th century.) Hell, IIRC, part of the problem with interpreting the AQ letter to Obama was that they weren't sure which meaning he was attributing to Obama in one word because the same word in Arabic means "African" and "slave". I know that they don't speak Arabic in Turkey (I'm probably one up on Obama) but they borrow a lot from Arabic culture.

Yeah..people have related the saturation of your blackness based on the color of your skin. Yeah I'm sure I'm considered "not so black" because I have a lighter complextion. People are just so damn annoying with the petty stuff!


I would not waste my energy. That guy looked "special" and not the way your grandma uses the word.

Hey Lady,

School has you tied up over there?

Ash, yeah this is the first day I have even checked my page this week. I take my exam on the 25th so I should have some free time coming up.

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