Taliah Waajid Product Review and Loc Update

I purchased the $35 gift package from Taliah Waajid
and it should have come with a shampoo, conditioner, locking gel, protective body mist, herbal hair cleanser, and herbal hair strengthener (aka grease). First red flag it took almost two weeks for the products to ship when there is a 3 to 5 business day shipping clause on the website. Second flag I was sent two shampoos (see picture) in place of the Protective Mist Bodifier. Third red flag I repeatedly had to email the office of Taliah Waajid as well as call to talk about my missing product. Final straw when I finally spoke to the office manager I was told to send the other shampoo back and they would send out my Protective mist (which keep in mind I had already paid for). WTH you are holding my product hostage until I return a product that you mistakenly shipped to me. Black Folks customer service is 75 percent of the business and Taliah Waajid did not pass that part of the test.

I was more than satisfied with the products. All of her products have a very earthy smell which I like. The herbal shampoo is excellent as a clarifier, the conditioner is the bomb and the Protective Mist is the truth. In all honesty I will continue to use the Protective Mist until I find a product to replace it everything else I have already found substitutes for when I run out of her products. I actually found another person making their way through the journey of lockdom who shared her recent experience at the Taliah Waajid hair care center in Atlanta. She was not pleased, peep the video for her customer review.

The bottom pics are some of my latest progress. The massive amount of shrinkage I was experiencing in February is now over my hair is no longer just sticking up I am actually getting some hang time and movement. I am still in the adolescent stage lots of budding and fuzziness. In the beginning I was worried about my locs forming on the smaller side now that they have plumped up I love the size in this stage. I often wonder to myself every morning why did I take so long to make the decision to start locs. The desision to start locs has been great for me. I have not had one moment of doubt about committing to locs. Weekend wear throw on some oversized earrings and mist the hair and go, I LOVE IT.


Reader Comments

cUTe...and they are growing fast! Well right now Aveda is my product of choice or my hair especially since it's natural..

Man I didn't know there was a Taliah Waajid product line...but now I know. Even after all the rift-raft I'm glad you are enjoying the product!


Ash, the products are really good, BUT I know you are really big into customer service and you would be very unhappy with them.

Your locs are so cute!!!!

I got my hair done in two strand twists at Taliah Waajid's salon in Atlanta a week ago today. Today is Tuesday. I went back two days after getting my hair done to let them know that in some places my hair did not look like it was done. The stylist offered to fix it, but the salon manager would not allow it. As the salon manager looked through my hair, she even said that she was not sure what had happened. Nonetheless, I did not get my hair done over. The salon manager said that I needed something to make it shine and suggested I buy olive oil oil sheen. That did not work well either. It looked as if I had not done anything to my hair. I paid good money for it and am not pleased.
I washed my hair today and redid it myself. I don't know what to say. I will not return to this salon nor will I recommend it to anyone. I was really hoping to find a style and stylist that would be beneficial for me. I bought the healing oil. It is heavy and should be used sparingly.

I have used her shampoo and condish for almost a year. Her products are the bomb! I did not buy the products from her web site. I found the products on another web site on sale for $4.95

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