Dear Texas: F*ck Off

The great state of Texas is periously close to passing the "Heartbeat"Bill. Which is:

An anti-abortion bill (House Bill 36/Senate Bill 182) in Austin [which] lawmakers debate whether a woman should be legally bound to have an ultrasound and listen to her baby's heartbeat before having an abortion.

If any woman decides to have an abortion regardless if you believe life starts the moment of conception or later it is still her right to terminate her pregnancy. I am so furious that anyone would dare to tell me if I ever decide that abortion is an option for me that I have to have an ultra sound and listen to a hearbeat in some attempt to shame me. F*ck You!


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This is foolish grandstanding. I understand and an sympathetic to the arguments against abiding abortion (even though I still don't think it is worth throwing people in jail over) but this is just churlish.

This isn't about abortion. This is about smugness.

I'm wondering how you really feel about this.

Wow...Jazzy..this got to you huh sweets...Yeah I think that's crazy. I don't believe in getting abortions if it was ever my decision BUT I think I think it's up to the woman. Hey I'm republican so..If I don't have to feed someone else's kids then good!

That was mean wasn't it.. sorry I have REALLY strong views on that ...



I was so pissed my husband actually gotup and tip toed out of the room. This is my hot button issue. I know women that have had abortions and I feel that they and any woman that decides to get an abortion are vilified over a decision that belongs between them and God.

@ jazzy humph..yea I have views on certain things that can get me bent..Well thanks to your blog I know about this because I hadn't heard about it.


okay. this bill was passed PURELY to induce guilt and is pointless. Imagine a little girl facing the fear of family shame degredation having to go through this after having being sexually ASSAULTED/RAPED, thats torment. They should pass a law that the do the same before they give someone the chair or the needle.. that would probably be more effective. Damn I hate this stupid state and bitter republicans!

That is a hot mess. It is pyschological torture to do that to any woman. I would like to think the MAJORITY of women who have abortions don't make the decision lightly, and I sure as hell know from my own experience that listening to the heartbeat of a fetus while pregnant is one of the biggest "it's really a baby" moments you can have.

I don't care what side of the fence you are on, that is just cruelty set to play emotions upon folks.

Texas is scaring me more and more.

I just nominated you for an award.

Check it out here.

Aaaahhhh! Siditty thank you.

Even if I listened to its heartbeat, I would still abort Texas without shame.

thanks for the info at From the Left today- very helpful....I blog at watergate summer, I have been trying to track with I can...but I guess time will was good to get some info...I work at the Free Clinic tomorrow...
so I will see how they are handing the outbreak...

thank you again...

@Enigma, no problem I'm glad I was able to help a little bit.

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