House of Parliament anyone?

House of Parliament and no I am not talking about George Clinton’s P-Funk. An apology is insufficient only punishment will deter another idiot from turning Capital Hill into the raucous parliaments witness across the globe. I know there is a demographic of conservative republicans which are rational yet fiercely dedicated to their cause. However, the people like Wilson and the other’s waving the Republican Bill and carrying signs as if they are at a rally, are the extremist and they are the burgeoning face of conservatism. Liberals and Progressives need only sit and watch the continued implosion created by sensationalist journalism and the inability to create rational arguments.

Wilson you are no better than a toddler who throws a tantrum because he can’t have his way. It is plainly obvious that you not only lack civility but the ability to discern your remarkable display of disrespect continued to perpetuate your party as the party of irrationality.


Reader Comments

My first thought is that jumping up and shouting "YOU LIE!" during a speech in congress is probably inappropriate (I qualify my statement because I'm not familiar with congressional procedure and what constitutes normal practice but I'm pretty sure you have to be recognized for your turn to speak). I wish more people would act like this during church though, it would make for some sweet back and forth in which case I might even start attending.

Hey, at least he apologized. When is Obama going to apologize to Hillary and McCain about flipping them off during his campaign speeches?

Oh, and BTW:


You know what would make me happy? If someone would have punched him in the throat disabling his breathing for a few minutes while he thinks about how disrespectful he was,


Disgusted Republican Go

P.S Fck his apology!

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