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Woke up Wednesday morning around 3:30 praying God please let it be heart burn. I already knew my body was attacking itself again. I tried to wait it out hoping this would pass quickly but my gall attacks never pass quickly its always at least four days of oscillating discomfort to intense pain. I finally broke Thursday morning and called my doctor he was able to find a hospital that would allow me to come in for an ultrasound quickly. Went on Friday at 11:30 then got a call from the Radiologist and he asked if I could come back in tomorrow (which is today) I told him no he asked when was the last time I ate, he said don’t eat anything else and come back later tonight for a second ultrasound. WTF did you find!

Thank God I work in a hospital I am going to find out myself because there is no way in hell I am waiting until Monday to hear the results of that second ultrasound. When he first told me to come back in I thought it was the spot on my liver which was found over a year ago when I first began having really serious gall attacks. But the spot turned out not to be cancerous because there is insufficient blood flow and I do go ever six months to make sure it’s not getting larger. Back to my current problem damitt I am now hoping my “elective” gall bladder surgery which I have been waiting for months will now turn into a medically necessary surgery. The throbbing not’s so bad it’s when my insides begin to feel as if someone is wringing out a wet towel that I can find no release because no position alleviates the pain, vicodin helps but a morphine drip is much betta. Anyway I’m functioning today I believe I am at the end of this attack I am going to attempt to workout today I have not run since Tuesday and I hate missing days.

I am getting really good at my runs. I am now able to run 5 complete miles in 1:01. I am preparing for the turkey trot this year which is an 8 mile jog on Thanksgiving Day. My husband and youngest brother will be doing the 8 mile along with me my mom is going to walk the 5k. I have gotten so much better than when I first started back in May. I really enjoy running it helps clear my mind.

Lord delivery me from the banality of stupidity that encompasses much of the Republican Party. Really Rush because this was not happening before Obama was elected President. For real you also think the reverse didn’t happen to black kids going to all white schools. For real. Bullies are bullies so you can cut the Obama’s America crap.

"It’s Obama’s America, is it not? Obama’s America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now. You put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety but in Obama’s America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, “Yay, right on, right on, right on, right on,” and, of course, everybody says the white kid deserved it, he was born a racist, he’s white."

Dick. I hope you are the first causality of “THE” race war you are trying desperately to incite, oh, might as well add that douche Hannity and just for grins Cheney.

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, why lie! Yes I said lie because she did not keep it one hundred. Nothing will irk me more than someone who will not own their mistakes. Did anyone else watch the Oprah interview because she blamed Bobby and the industry for a lot of her unhappiness. I hate when women who are in abusive relationships once unconstrained by that relationship flip it and blame everything on the man. No, NO, NO. Whitney you were apart of this and you did not own that. I also don’t think she owned her drug usage either. Let me get this straight I don’t think Whitney had to talk to anyone about her drug usage but because she did then you should have at least been honest and forthright. I did not see that and I think denial will only cause her to relapse. I am far from wishing that on her but when you can’t admit to the full depth of your problem I only see a repeat of the behavior.

We are, or I should say I am (because my husband has been ready for quite sometime), finally ready to have a baby. I opted to find an OB/GYN that specializes in fertility because for the last year we have used nothing and nada, no baby, not even a grasp I think I could be preggers. Anyway she prescribed some prenatal pills we are not trying in earnest now but if it happens great I think I am really ready to be a mother now. This all came about thanks to Bush and his stupid Iraq war. When I was forced to keep my brothers kids while he and his wife were deployed last year. I was rarely around children until that point and I fell head over hills in love with my niece and nephews. I Love those kids soooooo much. So I guess I should thank Bush, ugh. Anyway we are not going to really try until after May. I turn 30 next may and we will be celebrating that and our 5th wedding anniversary in Europe. I am so excited we have saved for the past two years for this trip and I can’t wait.

Speaking of the trip I will be glad when it gets here my husband has such trip anxiety its ridamdiculous. He worries over the smallest minute details. I think I drive him crazy because whenever we travel I’m like oh if we forgot something we will get it when we get there its only TOOTHPASTE for God’s sake. I have yet to officially decide where we are going I was hoping to do at least four countries but my husband doesn’t really like to travel in the first place (he loves it when he gets there its just the getting him there part that sucks so much energy out of me). For sure we are going to Spain because it’s a direct flight from DFW and France I am really hoping to squeeze in a trip to Portugal as well.

On the corner of Wycliffe and Maple at 6am this morning a cop just ran the light. There was no emergency he did not have his lights on he just flat out ran the light and he made a left turn. Hell I want to run a light too. Asshole, cop.

Back to kids I have already decided on the names for my girls. Yes I think I am going to have girls whenever I have children and I am hoping for twins. My father is a twin, I had a twin, and my husband has six sets of twins on his side of the family. Their names will be Alexandria Cecily (and no that is not pronounced like Celie from the color purple) and Jacqueline Lynn. I know my husband would like a boy what man doesn’t but I also know he would like to make him a Jr. and my husband’s first name is so not cute. It makes him unique and we get plenty of odd looks and he is often asked to repeat his name but, no I don’t think our child should have to carry on THAT name.

And if there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as a Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans are the greatest people on earf. I really want to go back there instead of going to Europe, I enjoyed my time there. Beautiful water fun people it was all one love.

AHHHHHH I feel so much better now. I might actually be able to focus enough to produce an actual coherent post this weekend.


Reader Comments

I hope you feel better soon and don't have these problems in the future. And I'm pretty sure you threw the Puerto Rican thing in just to troll Mexi.

Thanks Phelps I am hoping everything gets resolved by the end of next week.

And only partly I really loved Puerto Rico besides I have not met a single Puerto Rican I did not like. Newricans don't count.

I was wondering where you were! In fact I sent a tweet " Where is Jazzy_Kh?" You should have known it wouldn't be long before I started looking for you!

Humph...well I hope all is well with the black spot I'm guessing you'll know for sure soon! But I'm sure my old girl is okay *hugs* I am sorry you had to experience the pain of the symptoms though!

I kept reading and reading and had to scroll back up to see if that was the same post and I see...yes it was. I thought you didn't have kids simply because you didn't want any. I know your blog is more political than personal but I surely hope you track the progress of the fertility thing (super excited for you and the hubby)!

I remember when you had your sister's kids when her and her husband were in Iraq...

You said you rain 8k...I cannot run like from here to the damn door......LOL



I am happy you are feeling better. I was reading online that reducing protein in your diet, ie, more fruits and vegetables can make a difference in fertility. (If you wanna bypass drugs.)

I love hearing happy marriage, baby, vacation stories. LOL

I have new niece not even a week old. Flying to the Chi in a couple weeks to meet her.

My nest friend here is expecting again. I told God after the year I have had, I only want to hear marriage and babies and happy things.

So congrats.

Thanks dear. Currently we don’t have kids and are proud DINKS but just chose an OB who specializes in fertility just in case I need a little help. I have not ran the 8 mile yet I will be doing that in Nov. Plus just start from there to the door and before you know it you will be running 30 minutes straight.

Thanks for the tips. I don’t eat a lot of meat as it is maybe twice a week. But I could always increase the veggies as it is I only like Broccoli and carrots, I don’t think potatoes count. Congrats on the new niece. BTW I see Charlie Murphy was in town this weekend saw him last time and he was pretty funny. I will keep an eye out for who is coming to the improv to see if you might be interested in any of the comics.

Puerto Ricans are on an entirely different branch of the food chain than we are. That's why they food they eat would not provide us nourishment if we ate it and when we give them a slice of processed cheese they go ahead and eat it with the plastic still wrapped on it. Sad but true.

Charlie Murphy is crazy. Keep me posted.

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