Slightly Disturbing

I often buy store brand. Usually Target’s Archer Farms is superior to other brand name products. I dipped into Wal-mart earlier this week and I don’t like the new packaging for Great Value. I actually find the packaging disconcerting. Am I the only one that feels this way?


Reader Comments

I like the new great value packaging. I noticed at a friends house and it threw me off totally. I sway back and forth between organic and inorganic but wal-mart was a store I never went back to. Umm the store brand I WAS using before I brought my ass out to Cali was wholefoods 365!



The new packaging pretty much screams generic. It's like the old original generics (you know, the white box that just said "CORN FLAKES" in black lettering.)

It's very similar to Tropicana's failed rebranding. I don't know how long they will stick with it.

@Go I like the branding of the 365. I just wish Whole Foods wasn't a 45 minute drive.

@Phelps I think walmart could learn a thing or two from that linked article. But I don't it they have converted almost all of their products to this packaging. Plus I think walmart enjoys say FU we are going to do what we want.

I think generic food should have a picture of poor people on the front. Seriously that would be sweet and I would be inclined to buy such a product!

@ Mexi you have issues.

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