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The President's 2010 budget eliminated $110 million per year in what is called “discretionary spending” and $50 million per year in mandatory spending otherwise known as Title V funding. There were vigorous arguments on both sides each equally passionate in their beliefs in what will protect America’s youth.

The National Abstinence Education Association had this to say regarding the abstinence only funding cut.

Obama's anti-abstinence budget “disregards the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of abstinence education,” including research showing “a 50% decrease in sexual onset among teens that are enrolled in abstinence programs.”
“At a time when teens are subjected to an increasingly sexualized culture, it is essential that common-sense legislators from both sides of the aisle reject this extreme attempt to de-fund the only approach that removes all risk,” said NAEA Executive Director Valerie Huber.

I agree with the NAEA that there needs to be a counter balance for the increased sexualized content seen on television and print ads. I just happen to believe providing age appropriate content that covers abstinence and safe sex practices provides adolescent who are “curious” with knowledge and information about the possible consequences of engaging to soon in sexual activity.


Reader Comments

I would much rather the state get out of the business of trying to tell us what they think we need to know. If they weren't dictating it from Washington, people who think that abstinence education wouldn't have their money being spent putting rubbers on cucumbers, and people who think that abstinence education is stupid wouldn't have their money being spent on what they think is crazy superstition.

Phelps, a good point about the meddlesome nature special intersets groups can tend to have. However, in this case the state and federal government has to be involved especially, in how this subject is taught in our schools. Private schools don't have this problem than can teach how they see fit.

Well, I'm for the separation of school and state as well, you know.

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