Over or Under? UPDATE

I debated sharing this information but then I thought what the hell. I will be running in a 10k on Memorial Day I am aiming to complete the race in an 1h25. Before I ask the over or under bet I feel I must disclose some information.
1. Until three weeks ago I thought this was a 5K
2. The race will be in Boulder, Co, which means I will be running at 5430feet.
3. My husband is taking over on this one (the scoundrel)

On the plus side I have never suffered from altitude sickness any of the times I have visited. I have camped and hiked with no problem or ill after affects. My friends are always surprised that I don't need an adjust period that we are able to hit the mountians the minute I land. However, I have yet to run there, so late Friday when we make it in my friend and I are going on a quick mile run to see how my lungs hold up. I will post an update on how I feel and the mile time late Friday or early Saturday.

My husband is actually going with me this year which, has its perks I have asked him to be at the finish line with bags of ice and glad cling wrap.

Update Finished a mile in 11:40 which is an 1:20 seconds longer than it usually takes for me to finish. Looks like I might make the goal I set for myself.


Reader Comments

Ohh Cool.. why does it seem like you and Aretha do all the things I'd like to do..can we switch places you know..like every now and then! I'll let you guys come eat boiled crawfish while I run in marathons and visit wine vinyards!

Hey Ash, we can switch places if that means I get half the talent you have at creating actual art.

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