Bi-racial ...Not Black Damn It

Oh damn. I look at my nieces and nephews as black. I have never said that to them but I definitely view them as black kids. I think that is mainly because they spend most of their time with our side of the family. This clip came out of left field for me. My lovely and wonderful niece asked my mom a week ago what color was she. My mom asked her what color would you like for me to be, my niece said blue. My mother's reply was well then I'm blue.

My mom let us find out about race at school she never brought it up until then. I think this is a mistake and obviously someone is speaking to niece about it. We, meaning the adults in our family might need to have a talk about what discussion to have with the kids and when.


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oh wow! When I was a child people would ask me what was my race. I always said Black! It is quite annoying to be questioned about something like race as a kid. When I often gave the answer of black I would get a rebuttle " No what are you mixed with" When I got older and was asked about my race, my answer would be WHY?



Let's pose it as a math question.

1/2 = 1.0 True or False?

Would the answer I was never any good at math suffice?

Haha. I admit that I'm a little touchy on the subject because my children are Blexican (Black & Mexican). The idea that people who are half black are black is unjust because it completely ignores the other side of the person's heritage. Not only that, the one drop black rule is a product of the racist slavemaster mentality that was used to keep the white race "pure" (whatever that means). I should think that with the Emancipation Proclamation we could dispose of that false doctrine.

I don’t think we ignore their mother’s heritage nor do I feel the one drop rule is in effect either. It is not as if I have verbalized I consider them black until watching that youtube clip. However, I definitely subconsciously have always viewed them as just like the rest of us. I have also not taken into account how the kids will feel when they get older. I have grown to love those kids so much after keeping them it just really doesn’t matter. I just found it interesting that I was one of those people described in the video.

please. . . post something. . . before I break down and ask Go B. what she's mixed with!!!

Please don't aske her and the answer is nada. She suffers from High Yella disorder.

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