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Disgusting! I want to very badly beat the living shit out of this mother. If anyone should understand or even come close to understanding rape it should be a woman. This mother has decided to ignore the fact that her 8 year old child was gang raped by four boys ages 9-14. Not only has she denied the child was raped she goes on to say she deserved what happened to her. Needless to say the child has been ostracized and is currently in the care of child protective services. The family is Liberian and in some African countries women are often blamed or said to have brought the unwanted attention on. Well this is America take your bitch ass back to Africa if you want to pull that shit. I hope they lock the mother and father up as well.


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oh Wow! But I agree! Some mother's are horrible.

Remember when Mike Tyson was accused of raping Desiree Washington? I didn't want to think he had done it because I've always been a Mike Tyson fan, yet I was still appalled by all the people who claimed that she had somehow brought it on her self by going to his hotel room so late at night. As callous as that was, the idea that an 8 year old brought this on herself is unspeakably worse.

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