Loc Envy

Her locs are exactly the size I wanted for mine. Can you say Jealous! Every time I watch her videos I'm green with evny. Why oh why could I not be blessed with really thick hair. My loctician and I are toying with the idea of combining my locs. I hesitate because we combined two in the back now I have a two headed dragon and I am not feeling that at all. I need to ask her how that would work if we did my whole head. Any locstars out there with answers on how to combine an entire head please, pretty please hit me up here, via twitter jazzykh or email.

BTW, I'm real mad she's using blue magic, other than that her hair is the bidness.


Reader Comments

Yeah they are nice Jazzy! I can't help you in this area though you know I rock it natural sometime curly and sometimes flatironed! LOL



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