The most embarrassing day of my life.

This post was inspired by this YouTube video and an email conversion. The person I was conversating (yes I know that is not a real word but it’s funny that’s why I use it) with said the following:

If I were put in a situation where I was going
to come back with either a story of hilarious failure or ultimate win
and my friends didn't encourage me to go for it, I would get new

I on the other hand completely disagreed. You don’t let friends make a complete fool of themselves on purpose, without at least attempting to sway their mind. Said person then went on to say
I am not responsible for your self esteem issues. Really, when you
can laugh at yourself, then you are in a comfortable place

I don’t think this person meant the “responsible for your self esteem issues” to sound as callous as it did, then again maybe so (side eye). To make a long story even longer I have decided to share the most embarrassing moment of my life. Keep in mind nothing could have been more traumatic to a young country girl fresh outta West Texas and nothing has since “the incident”.

Background. During a fire alarm you have to vacate immediately from the dorms regardless of your state of dishabille. Almost everyone is a broke college student therefore, the threat of a 75 dollar fine will surely cause you to go hungry for a month. Just think of all the top ramen and msg packets you can buy with 75 dollars.

It was a beautiful fall day on campus the leaves had completed their magical transformation from green to bright golds and deep reds. The girls and I will be hanging with some of the guys at the Roo pub later that evening so I head to the shower to freshen up. I’m in the shower enjoying the nice hot water and high water pressure (only me and one other chick in the shower, so not competing for water pressure) then BAM!

BOOM BOOM BOOM someone is knocking on the door like they the police (which it was) screaming “out of the shower this is a fire drill”. I’m thinking to myself screw that. He pokes his head in “out of the shower now”. At that point I know he means business I don’t even bother rinsing the rest of the suds off. I grab my huge fluffy hot pink towel wrap up and head out of the shower. My flip flops are soaked and it is hella difficult to walk in wet flip flops.

Of course during a fire drill you can’t take the elevator so I am heading towards the stairs with my friends ass clowning me. When this really nice girl who I had previous beef with dips into her room which is right next to the stair well and tosses me a robe. As I reach to grab the robe, my flip flop snaps I’m falling down the damn stairs and my towel is off. I live in an all girls dorm which means boys are their all the time. Yep that’s right I end up naked and wet with my raw ass resting on concrete steps desperately trying to hold onto a sliver of Martha Stewarts big towel. UGH! Talk about the worst. You all have no idea the amount of snatch jokes I had to endure for a week. And my BFF the heffa that she is could not wait to publish a newsletter with ass as the butt of the joke. I can only thank God
that happened in 99 before YouTube and camera phones.

The point in reliving that horror is because the person I was emailing is under the mistaken impression that laughing at oneself is innate. For the majority of situations I agree you should be able to laugh at yourself. I’m clumsy I fall and trip a lot so I am used to laughing at myself however tripping and ending up buck ass naked is no laughing matter. “The incident” happened ten years ago and only a few years ago was I able to keep from visibly cringing as my BFF would take immense pleasure in relating that story to anyone who would listen. Something’s come with maturity and age and distance from the subject this was one such event.


Reader Comments

I had a friend (in college) who always took little jabs at me. If i ignored the comment, she just would keep repeating it. Then I realized this heffa's a hater, a little piece of poison trying to dull my light.

I have since learned to cut off people who don't respect my feelings. PERIOD.

The same goes for this gay (white) guy I used to work with. He was always talking with this ghetto country accent. Saying stuff like, Hey SaKwisha! I was like seriously dude, that is not funny. So I just stopped returning his calls and de'friended him off FAcebook. LOL

My point is a friend that hurts is not a friend.

OOO Taula, I don't want you to get the wrong impression about my BFF. She is my ride or die for real. If anything pops off I know I can count on her. She teased me relentlessly about it because if the incident had happend to her I would have seriously tried to commemorate the incident in marble.

There are friends like you described that I have cut the purse strings on. Its all about knowing if that person would respect you enough to stop if you asked them to.

You're from West Texas??? I was born in San Angelo but I was raised in Michigan because West Texas is dumb (no offense). Your story reminds me of the time I was at a bar right off campus (Michigan State University). I was with this black chick with the hugest boobs and she was wearing a tube top. She was sitting on a bar stool and reached down to tie her shoelace and her boobs popped out. She wasn't embarrassed though, she just laughed and put her boobs back in her top. Best day ever!!!

@ Mexi that is funny and most women larger than a c-cup can relate to that story. It’s happen to me. Happen a year ago when we were in Puerto Rico. I was laughing too hard to even place it back in my husband on the other hand did not think it was too funny. I still say nothing will ever rival being buck ass neekid, nothing!

Oh and yes San Angelo is like a metroplex compared to the town I grew up in.

OMG I was mad when I was in San Angelo when I was in high school (we lived there for 2 years then) and I was walking with an Air Force brat named Kathy Ching. I liked Kathy so we went for a walk and a TUMBLEWEED blew by us. It ruined the mood, tumbleweeds are NOT romantic!

I first time my husband saw a tumbleweed he ran over it. We had to pull over and dig it out of the under belly of the car. Tumbleweeds are the best city boy.

Ahhh here goes,

I can't say that a giggle or two wasnt' followed after my OMG, WOW reaction to your most embarrassing story. I have NEVER experienced anything that embarrasing in my life (knocks on wood) BEATS on wood especially since I don't have the body I use to have lol!

Yeah laughing at yourself is all good and everything but it's not right for a friend to get a good laugh off you at your expense ESPECIALLY when you don't find the shyt funny!

Something similar was going on between two friends of mine. One friend caught the other in a sexual act in a car at party (face down). But everytime a new person would come around the friend would bring the story up and embarrass the shyt out of the other friend. When the friend would kick the story off sometime the room would get quiet and sometime it would be laughter. But as you can imagine that is pretty damn embarrassing to have someone blurt out the fact you were serving a guy in a car.

I wouldnt' laugh because I could tell the friend was getting pissed about it. So I went to the friend and told them to chill out with the story bec so and so was getting really pissed off and had brought it to my attention that they didn't appreciate it. Eventually they got to talk about it with each other and the friend promised to never tell the story again and that they had no idea how embarrassing it was was to her. But my question is how could you not..that's a pretty big damn deal!

So even though the friend thought it was funny that she got busted she didn't think it was okay that everyone else knew about it.



Your situation was embarrassing and unfortunate, but different. In the quote and the video, there is a chance of greatness and being a hero. There's no story that starts out, "this is the most awesome thing ever, there was this fire drill..."

Actually, come to think of it, a fire drill livened up with wet naked college chicks is pretty awesome. And WHERE AM I AT WHEN ALL THESE TITTIES ARE FLYING OUT? That's how I know that I don't have telekinesis, because if I did, there's at least a dozen times where I've concentrated hard enough to pop one out.

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