Vick Should Play & Lurie Can Suck It!

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said he did serious "soul-searching" regarding Vick. The owner said he met with Vick for hours and is convinced he can become a force in stopping animal cruelty.

"I needed to see a lot of self-hatred in order to approve this," Lurie said.

Self-Hatred, really!? I hope they Eagles loose every game this season and that's not just because I am a Cowboys fan. Do I think Vick is full of penitentiary talk, yep sure do. I think he has learned his lesson in regards to dog-fighting, but when the money starts back rolling in will he remains so humble, I doubt it. He served his time get over it! If Donte Stallworth can commit manslaughter and receive less of a public crucifiction, Vick deserves no less.


Reader Comments

I'm for the reintegration of cons into society. (If they aren't ready to be reintegrated, they should stay inside.) Part of that would be getting a football player back into football.

Marv Albert gets to commit rape and then do basketball play by play when he got out, I say let Vick play. The NFL is as sporting league, not a church.

This has nothing to do with the current subject but, Favre is on some hoe type ish. He needs to leave and stay gone.

Gotta respect a guy who already has something in his closet when it's throwback jersey day.

I agree..but we must keep in mind..people get paid for reporting " NEWS" and obviously this is "NEWS" to some idiot!

He served his time ...blah blah blah moving right along. I mean I love animals ..well I love dogs I can say maybe he should have been fighting cats shyt lmao!



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