The Beauty of Natural Hair

Just thought I would share some of my favorite youtube videos on locks and natural hair. I would also like to say that I received two compliments today on my locs YEAH! The are coming along and I will do another post when I get them retwisted in January. I am hoping to stretch my retwist to 5 to 6 weeks so that I will have a healthy hairline. I would rather deal with fuzzies than have to combine a bunch of locs down the road. Speaking of combining there are three in the front that I want to make larger so when I go back to my loctician I will have her do that so I can avoid the two headed dragons.

The first video is inspirational, I look at this video often so that I can stay focused on my goal. The second video features Goapele's music, an artist that does not get enough play.


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Hair is so political for African Americans.

Skin color, too.

I don't really understand it but it's fascinating.

Christopher you know at times I don't even understand it. What I can tell you for me the whole hair thing means simply, it is who I am and there is no reason for me to be ashamed of my nappy roots. Nappy hair has been demonized in this country as something odd and not quite right. The older I get I am more capable of understanding those traits that make us different are the exact things that make each and every race/ethnicity/culture beautiful and unique.

I can't let the creamy crack go. Not just yet. I've done stints of natural hair, but for me, it's truly not that serious. The whole "accept the true nature of your hair" thing. I just want to be able to comb this shit, ya dig? My dermatologist DID tell me to lay off of the creamy crack, but what does she know? She ain't got no hair. My hair's down my back! ROFLMAO!

@ninamm Thanks for stopping by. To each there own I guess. I will say when I went to Puerto Rico this summer I was not worried about getting my hair wet at the beach. When I went hiking in the rainforest I was not worried about sweating out a perm. So for me when I had a perm there were things I would and would not do simply so my hair would stay looking tight.

Oh and I am soooooooo glad I no longer have to practice the sleeping pretty techinque.

@ Chris...what is that suppose to mean..LOL

Hey Kristen...girl I cut my hair I have it cut in a bob again but still no relaxor so when I want to be curly I am.. :)

Go b.

I love the natural look...on other people.

I pretty much carry the same sentiments as ninamm. It's what works for me.

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