Loc Update One month

Ok Ash, this post is just for you. These pics are about 2 weeks old I intended to post them weeks ago but I'm always on the late show. After I went back to my lociticain for my re-tightening I had BUDS. For those not familiar with loc lingo buds are the beginning formation of your locs it means the hair is starting to tangle and loc. I think for a lot of people buds take up to 3 or more months to form however, Regina told me I had that good Negro hair (nappy as hell,4b) so my hair would take no time at all to loc.

When I first became natural I was in such a hurry to get to a nice size fro' that I did not fully enjoy the different stages of my hair during that period. I have decided to enjoy every stage even the extremely unattractive and fuzzy stage. I never expected to feel as if my loc journey would be some kind of spiritual journey as it is for so many others. However, I can tell you I am far more confident and excepting of who I am so through this process. I think it is the combination of approaching 30 and not being overly concerned with other peoples definition of beauty.

The first two pics were after my first complete month, my loctician started my locs off with double strand twist. At the close of the month I had a lot of lose hair that needed to be gathered back into the base.

These last three pics were after the re-tightening she used the latching method. The latching method gives me more freedom to play with styles because I don't have to worry about them coming apart like the twist.


Reader Comments

Your hair looks cute and those earings are perfect with the nice round shape of your face. My locs were started count them 3 days ago :0. so i just have very thin twist in my hair and although it's not a spiritual journey for me either i'm looking forward to the transformation. I think i'm considered a 4a meaning i have very tight coily (looks like a pen spring) hair that shrinks at any sign of moisture ad i have about 3 to 4 inches of it. So i'm getting use to week one of looking bald but like you i'm at that age 38 where i just don't care what people think. Good luck in your loc journey.

Anon thanks for stopping by. My locs are still on the pretty thin side however, I am starting to notice thickening in some in which the buds are spreading through the entire loc. I have another friend with locs and she said they will eventually all thickening up because of the tangles so give it time. I encourage you to stick with it. I was playing around with my hair the other night and was able to do some Bantu knots this morning when I took them down I had a hair full of curls. I am far from an expert and I am constantly blowing up my loctician cell but I have read quite a few books before I started so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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