Let Colorism Die!

Colorism within ethnic communities is nothing new. Within the Black community colorism was a way during slavery to separate, divide and confuse a race of people.

The prevalence of colorism within ethnic communities is still rampant. Months ago Yung Berg made the statement that he didn't like "dark butts" and that his women must pass the pool test. Fast forward a few months and there is R&B artist Ne-yo who tells a reporter that "all the prettiest kids are light skin". I sat there is stunned silence with my mouth ajar as I watched the clip, inwardly recoiling at the blatant ignorance and unaware self-loathing that such a statement would prompt someone to say.

When we ask other people to view us for whom we are on the inside should we not be able to ask the same of ourselves? We are no longer physically enslaved yet we find ourselves a slave to an old color caste system.

I believed we had made so much progress outside of the 80's when people the complexion of Debarge and Apollonia were all the rage. Yet, here we are again bombarded with psychological images that continue to define the standard of Black beauty under the shallow veneer of skin complexion.

I often wonder of the educational and social cognizance of artist like Yung Berg and Ne-yo when they make such absurd statements. At the end of the day light skin or dark skin you can still be called a nigger.

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ahhh that's crap! Some of the darkest skin is the most beautiful to me! And I'm a light-bright..LOL.

You should see my mother's skin. She's a dark skinned lady with smooth wrinkle free skin at 60. To hell with them.

People are normally attracted to the opposite of themselves anyways. What idots!

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Wow! No WOW!!!!! I am in awe. Thank you. Thank you so very much. For many, too many years I have been say the same thing.

You are so correct. It was (it) a means of separation. But going beyond that, it amazes me how people identify themselves with their complexion. Believing it means something. In the sense, I can't do that because I'm (blank), or I can only do that (for the same reason).

It's limiting, to you and others who wish to interact with you, when people hold-on to such views.

Let it go!!! Be yourself!!! You are much more than a complexion. ~Peace.

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