Wow! I bet Bush can not wait until January

I am no Bush fan but I am very grateful that this was only a shoe. The Secret Service needs their asses kicked for this. Their reactions were too damn slow for me they should have had Bush on the ground after the first shoe.

Big ups to the journalist (if he was a journalist) in the tan blazer and orange shirt who was able to stiff arm the shoe terrorist.

I would also like to say thank you President Bush for holding your own afterwards. I know it was just a shoe but hell I am still an American and I am proud that you pushed forward and showed no fear and ended your speech with great fortitude.


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I hope Obama has better guys than this. Maybe this is a Bush double.

I'm sure that Obama will do everything he can to stay away from any crowd that isn't pre-screened to make sure that there are no "political dissidents" in it that might make a scene.

I can't lie, I snickered at the shoe throwing incident. Actually, I cracked up and afterwards I started thinking the same damn thing - ok, how the hell was he able to throw not one shoe, but both of them without out someone stepping in and taking him down? Secret Service is slipping, that's a little scary in my opinion. Bush was ducking though, wasn't he? LOL

Btw, I'm here by way of Go Bytch.

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