A Tribute to Lauryn Hill

I miss Lauryn like crazy. I have been listening to my MisEducation CD and I realize that no one could come close to touching her, when she was on. Lauryn come back puuuullllleeezzee! I have included my favorite song Ex-Factor: I can not listen to this song without getting weepy. Not to mention she has the best locs ever!

Turn the Lights Down Low

The Final Hour

Ex Factor


Reader Comments

I thinking pretty much the same thing yesterday - that "Miseducation" is one of the best albums of the past 40 years and "Ex-Factor" one of the best songs.

"Miseducation" came out ten years ago this past August!

Yeah she has a really strong voice as well. Hey speaking of Locs when can we get an update on yours lady? I know they've grown!

Go B.

I agree with you on Lauryn. I wonder how she would play in today's market. Unfortunately, It seems as if the Lauryn-type is out of style and the Beyonce-Rihanna type is in.

I could be wrong.

Hey Aba it's always good to see you around and I just can't believe its been ten years since her album.

Ash, loc update just for you.

Taula, I truly believe that if Lauryn or a Lauryn type of person was to come out with the energy and depth that she had in her album she would straight up destroy the Beyonce's and Rihannas. Lauryn has it like that. On the flip side I can't help but wonder if all that has happend to her is because she broke that cardinal rule: Don't mess with what does not belong to you especially if it is already claimed by another.


I take it you mean her usurping somebody else's husband and having all those kids?

@Taula, yeppers

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