African Diaspora for Change

Obama’s run and subsequent election has started a movement among young leaders who are African immigrants or were raised by immigrant families. This organization is called African Diaspora for Change (formerly African Diaspora for Obama). It is a grassroots organization focusing on being the change needed locally, nationally, and internationally. The African Diaspora for Change (ACD) will host The African Diaspora Inaugural Ball on Sunday January 18, 2009 with the theme: “I am the Change: Educating, Empowering and Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders.”

Money raised by the event will benefit two organizations the Batonga Foundation and First Book, both nonprofits. The Batonga Foundation is dedicated to providing secondary and higher education to girls. Research finds that the investment of education for young girls greatly reduces the poverty and subsequent marginalization of women in developing countries. “Mark Blacken, [World Bank] one of the bank's lead analysts, said Africa's progress was inextricably linked to the fate of girls.

First Book distributes new books to children in low-income communities throughout the United States and Canada. In honor of Barack Obama our 44th President First Book, has committed to donating and distributing 44,000 books in support of literacy in Africa and America.


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