This is Our Day.

Yesterday symbolized the close of the age of Equality. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his supporters (my grandparents generations) fought for that equality. My mother born in 1960 reaped the benefits from their generations fight. This was an age that will never be forgotten but it closed yesterday.

As the sun set on one age it began to rise and brightly shine on the age of Responsibility. I don’t look for Barack and Michelle to solve our community’s problems. However, I look for them to demand that we actively serve one another and that we become the solution. Today, at noon I like so many others will watch the Inauguration of the nations first President of Color. I will shed some tears and hold today in my heart like so many before me held their memories of King and Kennedy.

This age of Responsibility begins within each individual; the Obama’s call to service yesterday was only the beginning. In this age I look and fervently hope that there will be a reduction in the number of incarcerations of black men and women. With responsibility I look for families to tough it out and even when that becomes impossible I look for them to remain active in rearing their children. I have high hopes, for this is my generation and I don’t plan on letting it go without a fight. In saying that I have decided to explore my options and become a teacher. I have yet to decide if I will be a classroom teacher or a community health organizer but either way come August I will begin my service. Thank you to Barack and Michelle for reminding us all that there is no greater sense of self-worth than helping out your fellow man.


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