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It is my fervent belief that healthcare should be a universal human right and not the privilege of a few. Healthcare in Africa has slowly transitioned from traditional medicine to modern technology with university trained medical doctors. However, healthcare is still rudimentary in rural areas. Dr. Ibe Nathans (a medial doctor)and Dr. Lawrence Ndular, (a clinical psychologist)are two UK educated Nigerians, who make the extra effort to return to their homeland to offer their aid to in need Nigerians.Ndulor was robbed and shot in the chest which, has curtailed his trips to Nigeria but not his financial support for the Ibelaw Community Health & Social Care Foundation. Huge thanks, to people like Nathans and Ndulor who work towards helping those with the biggest need.


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Access should be a right (the same as access to a press is a right.) Calling healthcare itself a right makes medical training a sentence to indentured servitude.

I fully support the work of the two doctors. Basic healthcare (like these two gentlemen provide) is no so expensive that we can't give a little more to provide for it.

"Calling healthcare itself a right makes medical training a sentence to indentured servitude."

No it does not! Police protection in this country is treated as a right. In no way shape or form do they or you or I consider what they do indentured servitude. The same would go for medical professionals.

Police protection is not a right. If it was a right, you would be able to sue to make them protect you.

You can't. People have tried. The police have no obligation to protect you. If you get protection, great. if you don't, the police reaction is, "tough".

Ref: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html

Ok I read your link and that is not what the ruling said. The ruling objected to Ms. Gonzales use of the word "property interest" . If this case had been argued in a way that did not state that her kids were property and more along the lines of a right to oh I don't know (and I am reaching here) feel reasonable safe and protected by the individuals whos salary she helps pay. Maybe the ruling would have been different.

Not quite. This was just the latest attempt. The direct approach had already failed, and this was a "is there ANY way to enforce this" attempt.


I see you have your very on LH on your site. Someone who makes outrages statements using misguided logic.

I thank you for adding this to your site.

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