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I am a few days shy of three months and I am still loving everyday of my loc journey. The first two pics are prior to me visiting my loctictian. The parts have the usual new growth that needed to be reincorporated back into the loc. I have been using Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap mixed with olive oil and water and I love it. I have yet to settle on a conditioner that I like yet. The last time I used one some of the locs actually came apart, so I have been sticking with just shampooing.

This pic was right after I left my loctitican. The fuzziness and swelling you see represents the budding stage of the locs. This means I have fully entered into the adolescent stage. There are still about five locs in the front that I am really concerned about and actually may have her combine them in March if they don't thicken up to a size that I feel comfortable with.

After every wash I usually place my hair into bantu knots(or Chinese bumps) overnight. The next day it comes out curly for the rest of the week. The curly look also helps to disguise of all the budding and fuzzies.

My locs are coming along so well that I have decided to retwist myself next month. I have not decided if I am going to try palm-rolling or the interlock method yet either, way it is sure to be a learning experience.


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Congratulations on your lock journey. I am too noncommittal for locks. I think they are so beautiful.

No, don't use conditioner while u are beginning. Conditioners are detanglers. The little twists will simply unravel. Hang in there, do not become discouraged. There will be plenty of days when your beginning locs won't "behave".

Meanwhile, I have long hair mainly because I am too lazy to get up early on a Saturday and go to the barber. (Early being before noon, which is when the barber shop I go to closes.)

Taula, I was really afarid to take this step at first but, now I keep asking myself why did I take so long.

Dana, I see you got my email. I really wish I had started this process while you were still here. Do you have any suggestions for DIY. Oh and Dana I have this one that sticks straight up no matter what. Whenever I catch someone looking at me funny I know my hair is standing up. I will be glad when that phase is over.

Phelps, Noon! Do you have any idea of the amount of stuff I have finished by noon on a Saturday?

I would advise you to let a professional do your locs for the first few months. You cannot see the back of your head. So therefore your parts will not come out right. I, personally, believe that it is imperative that your parts stay straight and neat since they are the first thing people will notice about your hair because your locs are so short right now.
As far as technique, it was trial and error for me and my stylist. Some areas of my head locked faster than others. I started out with comb twists, in my opinion, they look neat. I wore those for a while. I went every 2 weeks. I then progressed to palm rolling. Still after a year,some of the comb twists were not cooperating when palm rolled, so she took the ones that were side by side and 2 strand twisted them. They locked beautifully after that. So it has been strictly palm rolling for me. I also covered my hair every night with a satin scarf. This helps to lay them down.
I was not able to wash my hair weekly or bi-weekly like I did when I had normal hair. I tried that and my hair just kept unraveling. I got my hair washed like once a month for the first 6months. We had to use Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap UNDILUTED despite what the instructions say. We needed to "roughen" my hair up. Remember everyone's hair is different and we discovered that undiluted worked best for me. In between shampoos, I used Waterless Shampoo. Look around for it, you can find it.
You will have to sample different twist and locking gels to see what works best for you. Don't use beeswax, by any means. It's a sticky mess that traps dirt and dust. Some people only use Aloe Vera gel, others have told me they use nothing. I found that Jamaican Mango and Lime Twist and Locking Gel worked best for me. So after about 2 years of this, my whole head was completely locked. At this point, I started to wash and retwist my own hair. I only went to a professional if I wanted a style or if I just really didn't feel like doing it myself.
This is also the same time I moved to Dallas. When I first went to Mayer, the first thing she said was your last stylist did a great job on maintaining your hair.
Looking back, yes it was a little costly at first..those twice a month hair appointments. But since we are professionals, we have to be natural and neat at the same time. If you don't maintain your locs, it will show.
Find a stlyist that you are comfortable with because this is a journey. Someone who will teach you about your hair not just simply do it. Because you will get to a point where you won't have to go often or at all. And at this point you need to know what to do. I think I went thru 3 stylists before I found one that I was comfortable with. When I got to Mayer, I just needed for her to style my I really didn't have any hair questions for her. I already knew what I needed to know from my last stylist about my hair.
So don't be afraid to try different people and ask what products do they use when you are making the appointment. If they say beeswax or anything like hairgrease..tell them never mind. You will find that lock and twist gels are light. But some of them will cause flakes. Jam Mango and Lime didn't cause me to have any, so thats why its my product of choice.
I you have any more questions, I am here to help. Hopefully this long post has been helpful to anyone who has read it.

Thanks Dana for the advice. The lady I go to started my locs with double strand twist. She has maintained them using the interlocking method. I really like this because it allows me to wash my hair without worrying about the new growth coming apart. I usually go every 4 weeks but I think I will up it to 3 weeks but then its starts to look a little scraggly.

Hey love....the hair is growing fast! I like it..can you send me you email address?

Ash its

What a Tom you are.

@Anon lol is that you LH still smarting over that azz whooping.

Looking good! Keep your head up and keep on locking...

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