Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic

Cholera is an intestinal infection generally caused by contaminated food and/or water. WHO counts cholera as a key indicator of social development. Diarrheal diseases rob the body of precious nutrients and electrolytes. In children diarrhea is associated with “impaired cognitive and physical development” (Guerrant, et al., 2005, p.S526). Diarrheal diseases can be attributed to the majority of economic losses in many countries; but the infectious agents that cause diarrhea can fall to a low incidence through the process of good hygienic conditions (Gasana, Morin, Ndikuyeze, and Kamoso, 2002).

Zimbabweis experiencing a cholera epidemic with 34,306 cases since August 2008 resulting in 1,732 deaths recorded as of January 5th. There are concerns that now the rainy season is approaching that the epidemic will spread quicker and further. Successfultreatment consists of an oral rehydration solution mixed and drunk with copious amounts of water.

Zimbabwe is experiencing an economic and food shortage directly blamed on the mismanagement of government funds by Robert Mugabe


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This is one of my pet peeves when people complain incessantly about the poor here. Yes, we can do more to help people here, but you aren't poor when your complaint is that you can't get a second car. You are poor when your complaint is that you can't get clean water, or you want enough electricity in your town to keep medicine from spoiling.

Agreed Phelps, potable water is something many of us take for granted. Many of us use bottle water (myself included) when the tap water here is just fine its better than fine.

I can even tolerate tap until the Lewisville lakes turns over. I can not imagine have to drink from the same water source as livestock.

We do have a lot to be thankful for in America, and basic public health is one of them.

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