Anonymous shares her story.

Yeah I had my first person to respond to my Love and Relationship email request (ya'll don't let her be the ONLY one). Here is her story, enjoy.

February, the month we set aside to openly celebrate love. Ironically enough I met my true love 19 years ago this month. We have celebrated 14 years of marriage and to this day I can't imagine loving anyone else. There have been moments of tremendous happiness and yes, moments of anger and sadness. We have to daily remember to choose love over judgement, forgiveness over blame, and patience over hastiness. There are days we get it all wrong but I thank God that we give each other another day to get it right. I have found that when I show love even in the midst of pain I eventually find joy. Love truly is the key that unlocks true happiness. Don't be afraid to show it this month and all through the year.

Thanks for writing Anon I am sure your story resonates with a lot of people.


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That is very nice!!I wish I had a love story to share. I remember sending someone an email about a love story or something about the holidays....

Guess it wasn't you . I don't remember

Go B.

Ash, sorry you did not send me that email. I was really surprised when I got her email, it was short sweet and full of knowledge that I need to remember when Mr.Man is on that last nerve.

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