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I love this couple! They are the real life Cliff and Clara Huxtable (only betta). The couple surprised a DC charter school yesterday for story time. Needless to say the kids were ecstatic with the President and First Lady’s visit. The reason why I love this couple first they are black. There are not enough black couples in the spot light that exhibit the kind of unabashed love for one another that these two have. I enjoy watching every huge, kiss, light touch on the back I LOVE IT, I say. My husband and I have become a Barack and Michelle magazine junkies anything with the two of them on it we buy and store it with our ever growing collection of Obama gear. Ok back to why I love the Obama’s; I am hoping that there will be an Obama effect on relationships. I am hoping the Obama’s can do what Will Smith, Grant Hill and other really great men that love their wives have been unable to do, and that is bring marriage to the forefront in the black community. For America I am hoping they bring what a healthy marriage looks like to the forefront. Now before someone says how can I know their marriage is healthy? I don’t but it appears that way. I also believe their marriage is a happy one because I look at Michelle I don’t know many black women that can fake it that well. If there is a problem it usually shows in body language or facial expressions I don’t see that with her, so I take it Barack is doing something right. Here’s to hoping they continue to have a happy and blessed marriage.

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I completely agree! I love them, too! I'm not black...and I'm not married...but I watch Barack and Michelle Obama closely. To me, they model love, just the right affection, and so much respect for each other. I love that President Obama does not temper Michelle, but instead speaks with awe about her ability to speak out, keep him humble, and offer advice (some solicited, some not). I love that they are black because I think it does provide that role model...but I think it provides a healthy example of marriage that's often missing for the rest of us as well.

Janet, LOL! I think the Obamas inspire people in relationships and those looking for relationships. I hope there continue to serve as a great married role model.

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