Why are more White Women Married than Black Women? Part I

There may be a couple of reasons for this I hope to present a couple of rationales and get you all to provide some feedback.

It has been my experience that a high number of white women go to college with the expressed desire of finding a potential mate. I receive a quarterly magazine from my College and I find it interesting that so many of the White people eventually married other classmates, even if years had lapsed after graduation. Only one Black woman married another college classmate from my College. One. I think White people realize early that this is a prime time to find a mate even if they are not ready for the final commitment. Black people are too busy wild n’out during college to understand that this is a peak time to begin looking for a mate. College is a time and a place where you are meeting likeminded people with some of the same goals and aspirations as yourself. It becomes exceedingly harder to find a mate when you are not surrounded with people on a daily basis with the same interests and ambitions.

Most of the women I know found their mates while they were still in college. There was an average of 3 to four years after graduation before the couples were married. The important factor being that the women found their mates in an atmosphere that was smaller and more condensed (a college campus) without the extra added competition from a larger pool of women.

So for women looking for marriage starting early doesn’t hurt your challenges. For women who are out of college joining clubs with specific interests e.g. medical professionals, Black teachers associations are possible starts for pursuing relationships with people who have the same interests as you.


Reader Comments

Great Post! I didn't know that..but I mean that's like most of your post right? LOL. Hmmm..!!

I have no idea if there is any truth to this, but it is an interesting theory. Considering the struggles of many African Americans simply to get to college, however, it seems that a large number must be studying in order to overcome any inherent obstacles, rather than partying throughout college. But who knows?

As a follow up question, though, I would ask why more non-college educated white women are married than black women (maybe that is Part II?), as well as if it is possible minor things seem to slowly undercut that number. For example, according to this website (no idea how credible it is), in 1998 there were 73/1000 unwed births among black women compared to 38/1000 among white women. Assuming some men are going to be hesitant to commit to raising a child that is not there's (assuming in both of these instances the father is not around), that would represent a 3-5% lower marriage on its own.

I have no idea if there is any accuracy to anything I have written. But I find it interesting to consider all of these reasons. Hooray for Part(s) 2 (and 3?)

Ash and Librocrat I don't know if there is any turth to what I wrote. This was more of an observation that I had noticed. Librocrat, I like the website that you linked and I will try to incorporate this into part two later in the week. This is an interseting subject and I am more interseted to see what other people think are possible causes and even better solutions.

Oh and Librocrat I don't think Black people party anymore than White people in college, but I think black women (in particular the ones I know really well) come to college with a different mind set. Looking for a possible mate or future mate was not the foremost thought in my mind. I was more into what career will provide me with a nice living. I never even thought of having a serious relationship until my senior year when I met my husband.

Kristin, this is a very interesting piece.

When I went to college, marriage or finding a mate wasn't on my mind nor was it a part of my goals. I wanted to finish college and have a career.

Of course, I had fun in my college years. Since college is over, finding a mate has been difficult, but I'm not that worried about it.

Ginn, I was much the same way. College was fun looking for a potential mate was the last thing on my mind. I just think that White women even if they are focused on having a career they still view the men around them as potential husband material whereas, we generally “are not thinking about it”.

I think many black women, justhave not found the right one. I have had the opportunity to marry for marriage sake, if I were willing to ignore poor behavior.

I went to a primarily white college, few blacks and the men that were there were not trying to be monagomous.

Just my experience.

Kristin, I agree with your assessment that some white women think of having a career, but also have the time to look for a mate as well.

Talulazoeapple, yes, a lot of women haven't found the right man either due to being career-oriented or not putting themselves out there to find the right man.

In my opinion, it takes time to find the right one. The last thing you don't want to do is to be desperate.


I too went to a predominately white college and the black guys were also not monogamous. My thought is the white women that ended up with the white guys at our school even years later had the same issue. Those men were no more faithful or monogamous they were straight up hoes as well. My thing is the White women just seem to take it in stride that they will grow up and its college its part of the college life. I met my husband in my senior year he did not go to my college and was actually out of school, we met through friends. I am sure he had a past similar to the black guys I went to school with the only thing was I did not have first hand knowledge about it. So I think that made it easier for me to want to get to know him on a serious level. I hope I am making sense.

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