It’s Still Trickin if You Got It.

If you begin a relationship popping bottles and trickin off gifts what women are you exactly expecting to attract. Is it then the gold diggers fault for being attracted to the colorfool (spelling intentional) peacock or the peacock’s fault for flashing his tail feather. I never understood the let me buy you a drink at a bar and I just met you 2 seconds ago, then getting a ‘tude when the chick walks off. I am a firm believer in you get back what you put out. So men that are tired of gold diggers stop flashing your wallet trying to shore up play. I was watching some nonsense on television about gold diggers and hip- hop and as usual the gold diggers were portrayed as carrion ready to swoop down and consume on a dead carcass. Do men really have the right to feel used when they get juiced especially when some of them are in an “it ani’t trickin if you got it” mentality?


Reader Comments

Funny thing is, flat out telling them (matter of factly not, not with a 'tude) "I don't buy women drinks" seems to work just as well, if not better.

"What, you don't like girls?"

"No, I love girls. I just don't buy them drinks."

These guys want showpieces but these show pieces are not cheap. They spend their life trying to get the type of girl that would not date them in highschool when they were broke. So they put up the cash and feel like suckers when she doesn't morph into the girl of his dreams.

Men that flash their money are so annoying!

Go B.

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