Expectations, expectations, expectations. I cannot stress this word enough. During our pre-marital counseling sessions our counselors said we should each write down our expectations for each other. The next week when we came back and exchanged books I looked at my then fiancĂ© and said to myself who does he think he’s marrying. The reverse was true for me when he read my expectations of him. Our counselors had us discuss our results then come to shared and agreed expectations for each other. Knowing what you expect from each other prior to marrying or committing will help you through some rough times. Are your expectations reasonable or even feasible?


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Well I'm currently single but my "expectations" may be too high according to some but I'm also not venturing out on a mission to look for that person either.

Growing up with my Father especially I was shown what a man is capable of and that's what I expect. A man to be a man.


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