Fly Girl: Thread Earrings

Siditty, always writes provoking posts, this is one that concerns Black People's partonage or the lack of Black Businesses. I had already decided to start a new series titled Fly Girl were I post my reviews about black owned products, goods and services, Siditty's post ties in well with my desire to promote Black businesses. I previously wrote about a company called Toombas, an excellent product, check out the post if you need a reminder.

I am an earring FANATIC, I Love earrings. I purchased three sets of thread earrings at Aziza Beauty Supply

I ordered my earrings on Sunday received them thru USPS standard shipping on Wednesday. I received update emails from the time I ordered my product until the moment they shipped. I also received a thank you note for my business. If you would like to purchase your own thread earrings check the link above, or you can find Aziza Beauty Supply on facebook, or by phone: 1-866-648-7577. Aziza Beauty Supply also offers more than accessories, they also have hair products. So if you are in need of some products please give this lady a try and let me know about your experience with Aziza Beauty Supply.


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