Off Topic: Bathroom Redecoration

I have the whole week off and I decided to redecorate the guest bathroom. After the paint job a while back I didn’t do anything as far as accessories. The first couple of picks are the before pics.

The next two pics are of the materials I bought to use. The first set came from IKEA and the other stuff came from Wal-Mart.

The last pics are of the finish product. There are some items that were not included in the materials pics and those were items I already had in the house. I really wish the colors would show up better than they are (The lighting is off). The paint on the wall is the color of the inside of a cucumber.


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I like the texture of the new curtain. (I'm a texture guy.) And I think it would make a big difference if you scootch the vase out a few inches from the corner. Otherwise, very polished and directed.

I would worry about the valet on the back of the commode though. They always rattle when I start kicking my legs. (Not really. Maybe.)

Actually, there is no otherwise there. Very polished and directed (without qualifier.)

"I think it would make a big difference if you scootch the vase out a few inches from the corner."

I'll give it a try and see if I like it better.

"They always rattle when I start kicking my legs."


Love it. It's fresh and so clean.

Thanks Taula I hope to add some more of these home projects in the future.

This is great! I, too, am off all week. Today I decided to work on the bathroom, too (it's actually set up just like yours!). But my project was re-caulking. Not quite as fun to do, but it was still nice seeing the beautiful white sealant once I was done! :) After seeing yours, I may inspired to re-decorate as well...then again...maybe not. After all, it's my vacation! :)

Nice! You have a guest bath? A guest bedroom too?

Can Jim and I stay with you if we visit Dallas? We'll take you out for dinner and we're excellent house guests.

I hate staying in hotels.

@Janet I hate caulking it makes such a mess, they make it look so easy on HGTV. I really need to re-caulk the Kitchen sink area but it can wait for another time.

@Christopher, that will be fine I have yet to get that post about Dallas up. And I have been in the process of redecorating the guest bedroom too, for months now actually.

@Ash, you already know the door is open whenever you decided to come back through.

awww..what happened to my comment? It didn't save. I was recommending maybe some lighter flowers. But I do love the bathroom it's looks serene!

Go B.

@Ash thanks for the suggestion, usually when we have company we try to keep some fresh flowers around the house.

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